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We’re in this together
PAYING IT FORWARD STORE ® 11034 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97220
Paying It Forward Store started back in November 2015. We began because of a need in our community to help those who are struggling. PIFS started collecting donated clothing, shoes, coats and other items that are in need. We used Pilgrim Lutheran Church for over a year to help those in need by providing clean, gently used items for free without questions. We out grew Pilgrim Lutheran Church, and we started a free clothing event on the 1st Saturday at Living Hope Baptist Church. We continued our out reach of helping those in need of clothing in our community. We helped over 100 community members by word a mouth every 1st Saturday of the month, until we decided we needed to answer the call of the community. We had numerous community members that voiced the need to have the free clothing event more than once a month. 
On August 1st 2019 we opened a thrift store where we were able to help on a regular basis. 
We recently moved Anniebugs Attic to 11034 NE Sandy Blvd Portland Oregon 97220. We provide help at this location just as we did at the other location.
We are able to provide up to 5 items of clothing every 2 weeks to those who are struggling in our community without questions. We are only able to do this with the help of the community. The on going help that we receive from our community in donating items to provide to those who are struggling, and to sell to help pay the bills.  We are still currently in need of both, and we are in need of volunteers.