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Jim then reached out to over 40 local churches in the Portland metro area. The only one that reached back with a positive response was Pilgrim Lutheran (4244 SE 91st Ave, Portland, OR 97266 Alys Allwardt.) Paying It Forward Store did their first free clothing event November 2015. They became an official Non-profit February 2016. They did the events there for about a year at Pilgrim Lutheran Church. They then moved to Living Hope Baptist Church (4244 SE 91st Ave, Portland, OR 97266 Pastor Greg Miller.) They were able to use the churches gym until March 2019. At both churches they were able to offer free clothing, shoes, and coats  once a month. Through these churches PIFS was able to help over 4,000 community members directly, and an unknown number of people through other agencies that used this service for their clients. 

PAYING IT FORWARD STORE was founded in November 2015. Jim Anderson the founder was tired of seeing people around him struggling to have clothes. He felt that we as a rich country, why are so many people having a hard time having proper clothing, shoes and coats? He talked his family into volunteering at a Free Clothing event. Him and his family volunteered twice. They did not feel it was the right fit.

PIFS felt that it was time to expand the help that they were able to provide. April they decided that they would go an open a store front. August 1st 2019 PIFS opened a Thrift Store located at 13838 NE Sandy Blvd Portland Oregon 97230. They called the store Anniebug's Attic. During this move, PIFS as a Non-Profit went through some small change. The volunteering rate went way down with the move to a store front.
​Paying It Forward through Anniebug's Attic is able to provide 5 items of clothing, or 4 items of clothing and a pair of shoes, 3 items of clothing and a coat and a pair of shoes every two weeks per person. There is no need to prove who you are to receive help. To receive help, just come out to the store during store hours and ask about the "Punch Card." The staff will help you from there.  We do ask that you Pay It Forward and help someone else when you are able to. 
If you have any question concerning help, please do not hesitate to ask for information.
​Paying It Forward Store is now connected with a couple agencies that assist young adults that have learning disabilities. These agencies bring their young adults to Anniebug's Attic to learn how to work in a retail environment. If you know of any other agencies that would like to use Anniebug's Attic Thrift Store as a training site, just contact Paying It Forward Store.